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We are not consultants, we are an extension of your engineering team. Our name reflects how we absorb hype and move beyond it – with products built for the long-term. We deliver solutions that last, solutions that outlive hype.

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Our dedicated taskforce consistently maintains and refines its range of expertise. We are dedicated to maintaining our knowledge base with the latest technologies, providing cutting-edge services that go beyond hype.

Flexible + Responsive

We approach work nimbly, adjusting our services to the granular details of your needs. Our solutions are individualised and tailor-made, not one-size fits all – unlike many conventional corporate consultancies.

Masters of Scale

We live for growth. We rise above the constraints imposed by IT infrastructure, using the power of distributed cloud systems to break bottlenecks and level limitations. We design applications that can scale 10x with the click of a button.

Non-Traditional IT Consultants.

At Hype5, we believe in adaptability. While our services are refined and highly professionalised, our culture is a start-up and scale-up at heart.

Uncompromising Standards

Results are our lifeblood. Our entire team is committed to excellence, and each comes with a proven track record working with leading Fortune 500 companies.

Built to Last

Our solutions do the distance. We anticipate future developments and build for the long-term, supporting you well beyond the initial building phase.

Business Continuity

99.99% SLA of your managed infrastructure, guaranteed. No availability concerns. High redundancy, without fail.

Digital transformation is a long and winding road for most organisations. We’re there to help you make it to your destination smoothly and efficiently.

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Our Services

Infrastructure Modernisation

    Updating and modernising IT systems, tools and platforms. May also include:
  • System upgrades
  • Consolidation
  • Migration
  • Virtualisation
  • We specialise in infrastructure as code implementation on multi-cloud.

Cloud Migration

    Public Cloud is the future of IT. Our engineers can:
  • Seamlessly transition and upgrade from legacy applications
  • Ensure frictionless migration
  • Deliver with zero downtime

Containerisation & Orchestration

    Our in-house experts can deliver the following:
  • Efficient redesign of your application logic and dependenciesi
  • Ensuring individual components can talk to each other
  • Containerise applications on almost any scale"

How We Work

The Hype5 Pillars of Engineering

We work according to five pillars. These pillars represent our structured way of working, which allows us to implement durable and reliable solutions – giving you the security you need.

  • 01- Resiliency

  • 02- Availability

  • 03- Observability

  • 04- Continuity

  • 05- Simplicity


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Do you want to work with the best engineers on the market, do you want to boost your IT department, or do you simply want to draft a proof of concept together? Then simply fill in the form or reach out via the email below and we will get back to you in no time. For us any project is an opportunity to show that we build technology that lives beyon hype, even with a simple poc.